Guy Sterling’s Newark

In 2011 and 2012, I researched, wrote and helped produce 16 segments on Newark history that aired on Newark radio station WBGO Jazz 88.3fm. They were broadcast under the title “Guy Sterling’s Newark.”

Please view the broadcasts below, or click here to view.


Amelia Earhart


JFK’s Visit to Newark


The Death of the World’s Fastest Man


The Newark Evening News


Remembering The Bridge Club


Pro-Boxing’s History in the Brick City


Newark’s Summer Basketball League


Remembering Lonnie Wright


Remembering Bill Phipps


Queen of Angels Church


New Life for the Lady of Bloomfield Avenue


45th Anniversary of Lyndon Johnson in Newark


Italian-Americans in Newark


150th Anniversary of General Kearny’s Death


Digging into a Treasure Trove


Remembering Central High School